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Why Choose Joy Pilot?

Why hitch a ride on the humdrum wagon when you could be soaring in the cockpit of productivity? Welcome to Joy Pilot, where our nimble cloud accounting software has turned drudgery into a high-flying adventure. Picture this: invoicing, expenses, assets, and drawings that snap into place with the grace of a ballet dancer. But wait, there’s more than just elegance in the air.

Let’s talk autobahn speeds for your banking needs—with bank feeds, payments, and receipt scanning that have your productivity pedal to the metal. And taxes? We calculate and report them like a whiz kid who just downed an espresso. GST? Handled with the precision of a Swiss watch.

Now, lean in for the secret weapon: our AI invoicing feature. It’s like having a genie in your pocket. Dictate your invoice details while you sip your morning latte, taking multitasking to a new dimension. Grab your gadget, speak the magic words, and presto! Your invoice is born, shiny and new. Buckle up, because with us, it’s not just about getting things done—it’s about cruising in the fast lane.

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1: Too Easy

Cloud accounting software built specifically to meet the demands of contractors, freelancers, and small business. No restrictions and no upselling. All features, like receipt capture and AI data extraction, included for all users at a simple price.

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2: Taxes on show

We keep your personal and business taxes automatically up to date right there on the Dashboard all in one place, and our Support desk is always on hand to help you along the way – getting hold of us is easier than finding a haystack in a needle! 

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3: Simplicity of access

Fully featured software that works on all devices at all times. No app to download, you just need a data connection. We don’t cut out any functions on a smaller device. Everything that can be done on a laptop can also be done on your phone and you always have the latest version.

Accounting Software that works
everywhere, anytime

At Joy Pilot, we’re not just a bunch of pixel-pushers and number-crunchers; we’re the maestros of a symphony that’s been fine-tuning for nearly two decades. It’s a harmonious medley of software savvy, accountancy acumen, and tax wizardry—all bundled up into one sleek, easy-to-use cloud-based package that zeros in on the dreams and schemes of freelancers, contractors, and the underdogs of the business world—small businesses.

We Have Experience

Who has been building cloud accounting software for freelancers since 2003?
Spoiler alert, its us.

Snap Your Receipts

Snap and upload your business receipts straight from your device. Our AI will extract the key info for you, and you can throw your receipt into the recycling.

All Inclusive 

There are no restrictions, and no upselling. All features are included for all users at a simple price.

Live Reporting 

Adding invoices or expenses will automatically update your financial reports and all your Tax calculations to help stay on top of your cashflow.

Tax Tracking 

Real time tax updates so you will always know your business and personal tax liability. Also see your Profit & Loss for the year. Use this to quickly check how much money you are making. Add a cheeky muffin to that flat white order if its more than you thought – you have earnt it!

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Invoices Made Easy

Create invoices fast that look good. Send as many invoices as you like – we promise not to keep count!


Easily see company-paid and personally paid business expenses. Your records are stored securely online and are backed up every day.

Bank Feeds

Automated and secure bank feeds to all major banks using our good friends at Akahu. NZ bank feeds made easy.

Multi Currency

No upgrades needed. We support a huge number of currencies available for recording your invoices and expenses, and it won’t cost you a single bean extra.


Our smart bank reconciliation tool makes the accounting work easy.

Our Pricing List

Simplicity is our jam. For the hustlers out there riding the business wave, we’ve dialed it down to one mega plan that delivers everything you need, without asking for more than the loose change you’d use for your weekly caffeine fix.

Now, if you’re in chill mode, stepping away from the daily grind, our Deep Freeze option is your perfect sidekick. It’s like having your business on ice—but still within reach, just in case you need to dip back in for a transaction or two. Think of it as your financial “pause” button, offering full access to your accounts without the full-fat price tag. In other words, it’s a budget-friendly way to stay in the loop, even when you’re out of the game.

All Inclusive

fully featured


per month (+GST)

​Unlimited invoices / bills / expenses per month

Automatic receipt scanning and AI data capture

Multi-currency fully supported

Always-On tax calculations

Financial reporting for year end and tax returns

GST reporting

Bank feeds updated daily

Fast bank reconciliation

Unlimited users

Deep Freeze

for when you take a break


per month (+GST)

Full access to your accounting data

Add up to 5 bills (expenses) per month

All the usual financial reporting tools.

Bank feeds updated daily

Unlimited users

This is Accounting Today

Complicated accounting software is just unnecessary for the contractor, sole trader and freelancer market. Joy Pilot’s mission is to supply a world-class accounting software that gives back control to the individual by presenting you with the data you need to know without having to know how to perform complicated calculations or find your way around software built with bigger businesses in mind.

Joy Pilot cloud accounting software on four phones

The Smart Way to Stay In Control!

We want you to know about tax! With Joy Pilot, you can easily track how much your business and you personally owe giving you the power and confidence to make plans! 

And this control is right at your fingertips!

​Add expenses just by taking a pic of your receipt.

​Bulk import loads of expenses if you have got a little behind in your admin.

​Our Support desk is always here to help you. No mission is too big.

​Plus our favourite, always stay in control of your own money. You don’t need to outsource your banking to anyone, and you get to work with any bank you like.

Sneak Peeks

We’re all about serving up the perfect software smoothie—blending all the essential features with a no-fluff philosophy. Plus, if you have a feature request send it through! We love it when our Users come to us with ideas on how to make Joy Pilot a happier experience.

snapshot of part of the dashboard page, where you land when you log in as displayed in Joy Pilot accounting software for contractors, freelancers and sole traders
snapshot of part of the personal tax page as displayed in Joy Pilot accounting software for contractors, freelancers and sole traders
snapshot of part of the profit and loss page as displayed in Joy Pilot accounting software for contractors, freelancers and sole traders
snapshot of invoicing page as displayed in Joy Pilot accounting software for contractors, freelancers and sole traders


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Find Your Way Every Day

Think of using our software as easier than spotting a skateboard in a boardroom—it’s that intuitive. But even the most seasoned digital navigators might want a lighthouse guiding them through new waters.

Enter our Support Centre. It will show you everything you need to know. Its complete with instructional text and videos so no matter if you are at home, in the office, or on a train, there is always a good time to school up on the workings of our software.

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