Assets: Transform Your Treasures Into Triumphs

What’s an asset? A fancy word for all the cool stuff your business owns – from the laptop where you channel your inner genius to the coffee machine fighting your Monday blues. But here’s the kicker, managing assets can be more complex than a Starbucks coffee order. Our cloud accounting software is here to declutter the mess and sparkle up your assets management. Think automatic depreciation, digital receipts vault, pervasive export options, multi-currency flair, and billable brilliance. It’s time to shift gears from ‘asset anxiety’ to ‘wealth wizardry’ – and it all starts here
ipad showing assets page of Joy Pilot accounting software

Automatic Depreciation Calculations

Depreciation is no longer a downer. With our automatic calculations, your assets lose value like a vintage wine gains it – gracefully and on your terms.

Forget about crunching the numbers; our software is like that genius friend who does your math homework for you.

It’s time to let the wizards behind the curtain handle the nitty-gritty while you watch your assets get the Midas touch on your balance sheet.

asset depreciation in joy pilot accounting software

Receipt Capture and Storage Using Your Phone

Now, capturing and storing receipts is as easy as taking a selfie – just point, shoot, and store.

Whether you’re basking in the glory of new equipment or just caught the cashier’s smile, snap a shot of the receipt, and it’s securely filed away.

Instantaneously transform your phone into a digitized vault for all your shiny assets’ proofs of purchase.

It’s so slick, you’ll start looking for excuses to buy more toys…I mean, tools for your empire

receipt capture iphone using joy pilot

Export your asset information to CSV, Excel, or PDF formats

Let’s put your asset data in the mix and whisk it into whatever form suits your fancy. From the nimble CSV that slips into any software like a secret agent, to Excel where grids and graphs come alive, and over to PDF for that unalterable, sharp-dressed look.

Sharing your asset story becomes as easy as flipping a pancake when you’ve got the right tools to spice things up.

exporting assets using joy pilot accounting software

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Multi-currency Support

For the modern-day business adventurer, dealing with dragons is easier than handling currency exchange.

Our asset feature doesn’t just deal in dollars; it speaks every currency language under the fiscal sun.

Purchased a gadget while globetrotting? No sweat! Our multi-currency agility means your asset values are as internationally savvy as a diplomat’s passport.

Mark as Billable to Easily Add to Your Invoices

Ever bought something for a client and thought, “Cha-ching, that’s on you”? Tag that shiny new asset as billable with the ease of hitting a like button.

Our slick system then adds this to your invoice, so your client knows they’re paying for the golden geese that lay their success. Billable assets? That’s your business’s backstage pass to profitability.

mark asset as billable in joy pilot accounting software

Manage Asset Disposals

Parting with an asset can feel like a garage band break-up. But fear not, our software handles asset disposals with the care of a museum curator.

Whether you’re upgrading your fleet or bidding adieu to an old friend, manage the swan song of your assets effortlessly.

With a few clicks, track their exit, account for the returns, and keep your accounts as tidy as a minimalist’s living room

assets within joy pilot accounting software

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