Smooth Quoting: Closing the Deal

Embark on a seamless adventure of crafting and tossing quotes like never before. Unleash the prowess of our cloud accounting software, where quoting is more than just numbers—it’s about snazzy efficiency and making every proposal pop with potential. Elevate your business with a suite of features designed to streamline your quoting process, making it an unparalleled experience. Show off your professional edge while saving time and winning clients. Get ready to quote with style—it’s time to charm the socks off your clientele and cash in on your conversations!
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Email Directly to Your Clients

Bid farewell to the days of back-and-forth emails and lost attachments. Our swanky feature lets you email quotes directly from the software, cutting through the digital jungle like a hot knife through butter.

Tailor your message, slap on your quote, and watch it wing its way to your client’s inbox with the grace of a digital dove.

You get notified once they sneak a peek, keeping you in the loop every step of the way. It’s communication, it’s convenience, it’s closing deals while you kick back with a coffee—or a kale smoothie, we don’t judge.

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Clients Can View, Approve or Reject the Quotes All Online

It’s a digital dialogue, folks. Your clients now have the cockpit controls to view, approve, or give the nay-say to your quotes straight from their digital device.

It’s as if you handed them a “Choose Your Adventure” book, and they’re flipping the page to their next business exploit with you.

No more waiting by the mailbox or deciphering smoke signals; watch in real-time as your quote becomes the apple of their eye, or if it needs a little jazzing up.

Every approval is a fist bump; every rejection, a chance to fly a better pitch.

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Multi Currency Support

Got international clientele? No sweat! Our software speaks fluent ‘global economy,’ tracking and transacting in whatever currency lines your pockets.

Our multi-currency support is as cosmopolitan as your business dreams, adjusting to exchange rates that bounce around more than a pop song’s catchy chorus.

Now, you can bill like a jet-setter without the jet lag.

Charge in Euros, invoice in Yen, it’s your financial runway, and you’re the model strutting your stuff—turning heads and closing deals.

Sign up and get the first month on us!

Or if you just want to chat before you sign up, give us a call!

View by PDF or Web link

Choose your own quoting adventure: will it be the sleek PDF or the snazzy web link? Our quotes are ready for the red carpet in either format.

Got a client who digs paper that’s crispier than autumn leaves? Send them a PDF that’s ready for printing or archiving.

Or maybe they slide more toward tech-trendy? Give them a web link that opens with a tap, as easy as liking a cat video.

Either way, you’re providing VIP access to a quote that stands out in the crowd.

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Easily Edit, Delete, and Void your Quotes

We know, sometimes you need to backtrack and reroute—that’s why we’ve made quote alterations a breeze.

Edit with the finesse of a painter adding that final brush stroke; delete with the decisiveness of Marie Kondo decluttering a closet.

And if a quote needs to vanish like it’s entering the witness protection program, just void it.

No mess, no reminders of what once was, just a clean slate. Flexibility has never felt so empowering—or looked so good on you.

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